Creative Communities Regional Alliances


Our CCIC Alliances bring together key stakeholders involved in supporting, promoting and working in the creative sectors for example these may include:

  • Higher Education and Vocational Education bodies with specific creative industries and entrepreneurship experience
  • Creative industry networks and clusters/Prominent creative entrepreneurs from different disciplines.
  • Local Government/Council Local enterprise agencies and economic development bodies
  • Community organisatons & networks Arts and culture bodies
  • Youth organisations
  • Social inclusion bodies
  • Property owners and investors

Our project has established four Creative Community Alliances to date – what follows is an introduction to these Alliances, some of the actions they are working to achieve and contact details should you like to find out more or join in!



The CCIC Alliance in Ireland is lead by Roscommon Leader Partnership with support from Momentum Marketing Services. Stakeholders in the Alliance include local authorities, local training organisations and enterprise agencies and specifically those in these organisations who involved in supporting the creative sector.

Interested in finding out more or joining this Alliance?

Amanda Mee, Roscommon Leader Partnership – 086 0460046
Orla Casey, Momentum – 071 9623500

The CCIC Irish Alliance is benefiting from the guidance, input and support of the key enterprise, education and community stakeholders that have a commitment to developing the creative sector as a stimulator of training, job creation and community rengeneration.

Those involved are:

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A Regional Alliance, the base for the Irish CCIC Alliance is Roscommon/Galway and Mayo. One of the key actions, this Alliance is working to achieve is the establishment of a Creative Hub in Ballaghaderreen. Find out more.

Event Name: Creative Communities Igniting Change
Event Location: Northern and Western Regional Assembly, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon
Event Date: 22nd July 2016

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Mary Mitchell O’ Connor opened  the conference, the pinnacle of which was the launch of the CCIC Toolkit by Dr. Paddy Tobin, Head of the Centre for Creative Arts and Media, GMIT. Speakers at the event shared very practical examples of how creative workspaces can act as hotbeds of new creative businesses.

International fashion designer Una Burke and serial entrepreneur tech investor Shane Deasy, founder of Bitbuzz  were among the guest speakers.

The event was organised by Roscommon LEADER, with support from their CCIC Irish partners Momentum Marketing Services.






CZu8j-xWYAEM1X3Operating in the Armagh Banbridge Craigavon Borough Council, the CCIC Alliance in Northern Ireland is led by Banbridge and District Enterprise Centre and brings together local authorities, VET providers, existing Creative Hubs, enterprise agencies and creative entrepreneurs. They are working to make affordable spaces for creative activity and enterprise more readily available, as well as pathways of support and resources for emerging creative entrepreneurs.

Member of the Alliance include:

  • Bandbridge District Enterprise
  • ABC Council
  • CIDO
  • Social Enterprise Hub
  • Digital Hub
  • SRC
  • Sure & Well Project
  • Appleby Trust
  • ESA Theatre
The CCIC Alliance in Northern Ireland is working to achieve a set of actions that will  invigorate the creative sector at regional level. These include:


  • An audit of creative industries in Region to develop a structured approach – common vision and assess what activities are working across the region.
  • An audit of  Creative Hubs and Initiatives to map and record the hubs that exist across the region, their aims/objectives, services provided, client group and scope.
  • Policy review of current creative policies and how the CCIC ABC Alliance can align our work with these
  • Encourage affordable space for creative activity and enterprise to be included in future policies at organisational, local and regional level
  • Create a CCIC forum that will act as a signpost for creative entrepreneurs in terms of supports available
  • Create a guide that will improve and enhance existing Creative Hubs in the Region to make them even more fit for purpose
Want  to find out more or join this Alliance?

Seamus Donnelly. Banbridge District Enterprises 028 4066 2260


The CCIC Regional Alliance in Lodz led by AHE (University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz) and brings together local authorities, local training organisations supporting the creative sector, educators and creative networks.  At the outset, the Alliance undertook an extensive research and mapping exercise of the Creative Sector in our region, paying special attention to requirements and challenges for those who want to start their creative business.
Member of the Alliance include:

  • University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz
  • The Institute of Creative Activity
  • Academic Centre for Art Initiatives
  • District Labour OfficeArt Incubator
  • Fundation dr Clown
  • Fundation Art of Breaking
  • Socially involved / Old Polesie District Lodz
  • Association Ars Visa
  • Unisono Training and Events Agency
The Lodz Regional Alliance seeks to embed entrepreneurial training in existing programmes in the theme of Technology of Creativity through seminars and conferences with workshops. As an educational institution, AHE has the opportunity to highlight creative self employment opportunties to young people and to those involved in the lifelong learning process. They are incorporating the CCIC outcomes into educational programme sharing good practices. In addition, the training course delivered by CCIC will be shared as a part of the programme provided by the educational platform Polish Virtual University (Polski Uniwersytet Wirtualny).
Want  to find out more or join this Alliance?


Magdalena Tomczak –

Elżbieta Dul – Lewdosińska –


Located in the southeast part of Sweden, this CCIC Alliance is led by Folkuniversitetet East. They have secured the involvement of local authorities, VET providers, existing Creative Hubs, enterprises and creative entrepreneurs who are working collectively to find ways and possibilities for creative activity and support for creative and entrepreneurial spirits and initiatives that would not otherwise be realised. The scope of the Regional Alliance is the counties of Skåne, Blekinge and Kalmar with the aim of setting up a sustainable Creative Hub in Ronneby, Blekinge, partly because of its geographical position and partly because of the need for a strong initiative and action in this part of the region.

In the initial phase the Regional Alliance, there is a specific focus on groups that are especially vulnerable regarding social inclusion and access to the labour market in the region, migrant women and young adults.

Member of the Alliance include:

  • Folkuniversitetet Kristianstad
  • Grupp 39 Ronneby
  • Talent Coach Kalmar
  • Koncensus Kristianstad
  • Karlshamns kommun
  • Hyper Island
  • Galenica Malmö
  • Arbetsförmedlingen
  • Kristianstad kommun
  • Hässleholms kommun
The CCIC Alliance in Sweden is working to enhance the creative entrepreneurial sector in the region. The importance of positive actions in the sector and the region is immense. The focus can be summarized as:-

  • actions directly targeting young adults and migrants to tackling very high unemployment rate amongst those two groups in this region
  • develop personal skills combined with entrepreneurial skills. Given the specific challenges of our target group, build self-confidence and self-esteem by focusing on creative entrepreneurship.
  • find support in the local business activities from the municipalities, local business and other stakeholders.
  • Find channels to engage migrants and young adults in creative entrepreneurship
  • deliver the CCIC course with a formal and non-formal approach.
Interested in more information?

Interested in joining this Regional Alliance?


Tord Hansson

Folkuniversitetet Kristianstad

Tel: 0734071335